Boat #42 reporting for duty


“I don’t stop when I’m tired. I stop when I’m done.” James Bond

Boat #42 reporting for duty

My story starts with four Daniel Craig-wannabes, who’ve been practicing their special agent moves for weeks, in anticipation of reporting for duty in La Gomera, to Nikki - the beautiful and talented heroine of this story - who is also the Atlantic Campaigns Event Co-ordinator.

(I’m not sacrificing my title of Miss Moneypenny to you, sorry Nikki! You can be the Bond girl - but I’d start running now if I were you!)

Instead of an Aston Martin, they have a sleek green R45 ocean rowing vessel named Ellida, with three ejector seats on deck (take that James!) and multiple hatches for contraband goodies (mostly sweets that Ben, Cam and Jack have squirrelled away out of sight of Isaac’s watchful eye, and possibly a bottle or two of the tasty Talisker Whisky…).

A new Bond movie?

So, I’ve been thinking about whether these guys would be contenders for a new Bond movie, starring opposite you Nikki? We’ll get to the name in a minute.

To me, the ‘whole package 007’ should be in peak physical condition - with a few battle scars of course - a penetrating gaze (preferably focused on me), a razor-sharp wit (I’m laughing already), calm, confident, super tough and sexy, with a little hint of badness...a man who creates a tingle of excitement in the air when he gets close. (Sigh.) What do you think Nikki? Sound about right?

Hmmnn. Well, Atlantic Discovery is definitely fit, but I’m not sure they fit the bill…

OK. So let’s look at the storyline instead.

Adventure? Rowing 3,000 miles across open ocean, unsupported, being horrendously shaken and stirred… Yep. Totally qualifies for this.

Bad guys? Oh yes - 27 boats piled high with 84 bad guys (only kidding teams! We love the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge community - especially Team Antigua - The Island Girls - they’re our favourites - and it’s not because they’re dressed like Bond girls).

Team Antigua - The Island Girls

Team Antigua - The Island Girls

A worthy cause? Yes! We’re doing this for Rose and a world free of MS for future generations.

Bond girls? Hey Nikki - you’re front of the queue here.

Miss Moneypenny? Here I am!

A plot? Well, this is the point at which I’m going to stop. You’re going to have to watch the story unfold as Atlantic Discovery face their demons, experience the most incredible force of nature at her best, and at her worst, triumph over adversity and emerge from a very real experience as hero’s. This story is definitely going to make me laugh, and make me cry, and gasp at the wonders of the mid-Atlantic.

And the name? Why, Atlantic Discovery, of course.

Wishing you the best of luck and fair winds boys. My heart and mind is with you on your travels.

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Watch this space @virtualstowaway  Penny Bird is a professional photographer and writer documenting Atlantic Discovery's incredible journey.