World first treaty signing mid-Atlantic

When your office is an ocean rowing boat…

Cameron takes the concept of working from home to new levels…

Cameron takes the concept of working from home to new levels…

“Risk taking is vital for human progress. People succeed and businesses expand because of our determination to move forward, despite uncertainty.” Swiss Re

Cameron halted his gruelling two-hour rowing shift, 1,000 nautical miles from land, in rolling seas, took out a laminated reinsurance treaty agreement which had been taped, together with a marker pen, to the inside of his tiny cabin, filled in the reinsurance treaty terms advised to him via satellite link earlier in the day, and signed it with a flourish.

Cam makes history when he signs the first reinsurance treaty over 1,000 miles from land


For the past 26 days, Cameron - whose day job is Head of P&C Structured Solutions for Continental Europe at Swiss Re - has been on sabbatical, at sea in a 25 foot ocean rowing boat, battling physical and mental extremes in an endurance event; the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge - aptly named the “World’s toughest row”.

Over the same period, NAGICO Insurances Group - platinum sponsor of Atlantic Discovery - has been working on implementing a reinsurance treaty with reinsurer Swiss Re, which came into effect on the first day of 2019.

Cameron has been one of the 14,000 employees at the world’s second largest reinsurer for 20 years and, in his own words, he has undertaken the most formidable challenge of his life “for epic personal growth - so I can learn what I am capable of - and become a better person.”

He is deeply passionate about people and relationships, so it isn’t entirely unexpected that he came up with the idea that these two entirely separate, but parallel events should meet; in the middle of the Atlantic.

To Cameron, connecting his business life with the personal challenge of a lifetime is simple.

“My symbolic signature - a world-first - made mid-ocean - is in recognition of the exceptional partnership Swiss Re and the NAGICO Insurances Group have built over a number of years,” said Cameron.

“It is also - on a personal level - a gesture to mark and show my deeply felt appreciation for the significant relationship our team, Atlantic Discovery, has built with NAGICO Group Chief Strategy and Development Officer Kyria Ali and the hugely inspiring NAGICO family, through their sponsorship and support of our crossing. From the first moment we engaged in discussions about a sponsorship partnership, I have been humbled by the exceptional calibre of people, level of care, support, inspiration and encouragement which has made our journey unforgettable.

“I am looking very forward to meeting NAGICO’s Chairman Imran McSood Amjad and Kyria when I reach Antiqua - I hope they won’t mind my attire after 40-odd days at sea - and, as soon as Mac has countersigned the treaty, I will insist on buying them both a celebratory drink!”

Who would have thought the insurance industry could be so exciting and inspirational? #anythingispossible

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