Raising the stakes

Partner with us

Sponsoring Atlantic Discovery's crossing will showcase your brand and core values to more than 3 billion people worldwide.  Stakeholder engagement will rocket as your staff and clients connect with this incredible story of human endeavour. 

After last year's race Andrew Redmayne, CEO NRL Group said: “We’re privileged to have been able to sponsor the Four Oarsmen (winners) and share their journey, and see the unbelievable amount of money they have raised for their charities. Everyone at NRL is extremely proud of their tremendous, well-earned achievement.” 


Focus on sponsorship

It costs a team of four £100K to do the race.  Ben, Cam, Isaac and Jack have all contributed significant personal savings, but need to raise the rest through sponsorship, and support from family and friends.  So, it's no surprise that Atlantic Discovery's focus for the next few weeks will be finding sponsors to join them on this life-changing journey.

They've already done the easy bits: making detailed lists based on relationships and affinity; pinpointing organisation decision-makers; researching sponsorship policies; finetuning sponsorship packages; preparing elevator pitches (#keeponpracticing); printing the amazing leave-behind brochures compiled by race organisers Atlantic Campaigns (thanks Nikki!) - and now it's time to get out there and ASK!

Oooooo...  it's so hard.  I can literally feel the team members squirming.  Even I'm squirming and I don't have to do the asking!  They would much rather be out to sea rowing around the world than saying the words:  "Would-you-sponsor-us-forty-thousand-pounds-to-row-the-Atlantic?"  (That's the top package btw)

On the face of it, its a no-brainer

  • an extreme adventure - everybody loves a story of human triumph over adversity
  • global brand exposure - the race reach last year was 3.5 billion people worldwide
  • motivational public speaking - on team building, on the journey
  • established digital assets (website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • boat visits (for the primary and secondary team sponsors)
  • writing skills - for blogs, press releases, etc
  • professional photographs
  • opportunity to contribute to our fundraising drive for Multiple Sclerosis

Sounds good, doesn't it?  So what's holding us back?


I think there are two reasons:

First off, this is an adventure.  Even though we're committed to raising £60K for Multiple Sclerosis, at the same time we are looking for sponsors to part-fund the crossing.  In competition for this support are a plethora of groups and organisations raising money for basic human needs and causes: surely more worthy than four guys in a boat doing a rowing race across the Atlantic?

I'm with Richard Branson on this one: "...adventures should be a top priority."  Where would we be without the great adventurers and pioneers of our world?  Where would we get our inspiration from, the examples of human endeavour that lift us up and make us believe in the power of our minds?

Second, is confidence.  Not one of the team members has ever approached an organisation for sponsorship before - it is way out of our comfort zones, new ground, pretty scary.  A great learning opportunity, for sure, and, the worst that can happen is rejection, isn't it?  But it is still as daunting as a 40ft wave ahead, and we've got to row up the mountain of water and surf down the other side.  Wish us luck over the next few weeks!  I'll let you know how we get on.

  • If you are an organisation interested in putting your logo on this blank canvas, please have a look at our packages on offer and get in touch!
  • In addition to corporate or business sponsorship packages, we've set up a Stowaway Club for personal contributions.
  • Or, support our chosen Multiple Sclerosis charities here.

Watch this space @virtualstowaway  Penny Bird is a professional photographer and writer documenting Atlantic Discovery's incredible journey.