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Meet the team preparing themselves for the world's toughest row


Guaranteed sugar-like high for zero calories

Attention all organisations in London City, Canary Wharf and Zurich:  If you have an auditorium or large meeting room with a screen, and enthusiastic employees with 45 minutes to spare at lunchtime, why not invite them to bring their sandwiches along, and let Atlantic Discovery*: Ben, Cam, Isaac and Jack, blow their minds?

On 12 December 2018, Atlantic Discovery will set off from La Gomera in the Canaries, in a 28ft boat loaded with almost a tonne of manpower, supplies and equipment, to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. The journey will test their mental and physical endurance beyond anything they have faced before, draw on all their courage, resilience, camaraderie and spirit. 

How rowing the Atlantic is like going to the office

Discover how this epic endurance challenge aligns with navigating the tough business landscape and hear about our early learnings, which we're using to help us feature in the 2018/19 race.

The talk plus Q&A session covers:

  • setting common goals
  • building a high performing team
  • how to self motivate and influence those around you

We'll share our learnings and best practices against the backdrop of our preparation to get race ready: team building, meticulous planning, the power of diversity, training and how to be best prepared for all eventualities.  And, we'll demonstrate how this translates into driving stakeholder engagement, inspiring teams to stretch themselves, building strong personal connections and featuring against your competitors.

Because we have a story worth sharing

Please note the team are offering talks free of charge to organisations.  Attendees will be given the option to download an app so they can support the project - either the team or their nominated charities, but this is optional.

* There will be a minimum of two team members present at each talk, but wherever possible everyone will be there!

Ready for your adrenaline high?

There are two options:  

  • Get in touch - we're available up until the end of November 2018. Phone + 44 (0)7903 188 611 or email us at
  • Click on the button - see when we're free in the next few weeks and book immediately.

Watch this space @virtualstowaway  Penny Bird is a professional photographer and writer documenting Atlantic Discovery's incredible journey.