Racing the green line

A life not lived for others, is not a life. Mother Theresa.

Our journey log


seven days to race day

In one week, Atlantic Discovery will dip their oars into the calm waters of San Sebastián, La Gomera, and pull the first of 1.5million oar strokes it will take to make landfall in the Caribbean.

Their bow will be pointed in a south/south-westerly direction and the team will become one with currents and, hopefully the winds, to reach Antigua. Rowing 24-7, they will draw a solid green line as they cross our chart - each dash representing100 nautical miles travelled. We’re hoping that they will move that line at least five dashes each week. Fingers crossed.

make the action happen from your sofa

For those of us who prefer standing on solid ground, eating fresh food, and sleeping eight hours in a dry bed, there are two lines we can race: an orange line (The MS Society) and a blue line (The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre). And yes, we move those lines with our donations!

Best of all, we have a head start on the green line - so far, 171 supporters have donated over £7,654. We have a strong chance to beat Atlantic Discovery to the finish line!

Let’s make this row a triumph for Ben, Cam, Isaac and Jack

According to race organisers Atlantic Campaigns, buoyant and enthusiastic supporters can, and do, make a huge difference to a row. Event co-ordinator Nikki Holter says:

“Even though we’re far from the action, and shore-based, we can make the experience for rowers and their loved ones a positive and unforgettable experience.”

The 2018 tracker is live and the boats will be added in the run up to race day, ready for the start. Check back to see when Atlantic Discovery is uploaded.

The 2018 tracker is live and the boats will be added in the run up to race day, ready for the start. Check back to see when Atlantic Discovery is uploaded.

Follow #thegreenline

You can watch the green line’s progress in real time using the race tracker (shown above). Here’s how to have a bit of fun with friends and family - or raise money for our MS charities.

  • Company sweepstake - choose the top three teams to win.

  • Guess the finish position of Atlantic Discovery.

  • Guess the number of nautical miles Atlantic Discovery will row.

  • The team can go north - the most direct route - or south, to catch the trade winds. Which route will they take?

  • Predict Atlantic Discovery’s arrival date.

NAGICO’s Niala Singh has been busily asking her friends to make donations with great success; our bronze sponsor Lyme Bay Consulting has promised the team a finishing donation of £1K to MS on their arrival in Antigua and, in addition, a family member has initiated a school fundraising project to boost this donation further. Wow. Isn’t all this support super-heartwarming?

When the team arrives in Antigua, weathered, wild and at least 12kgs lighter than when they began, having experienced despair and fear, found courage, and realigned their sense of self, they will have joined a small, elite community on our planet.

More people have climbed Everest than have rowed an ocean.

Let’s do our bit and help them achieve their goal to raise £60K for a world free of MS.

Watch this space @virtualstowaway  Penny Bird is a professional photographer and writer documenting Atlantic Discovery's incredible journey.