Aiming for the front page of the internet

They’re salty, scruffy, bearded and exhausted, but they want you to ask them anything so they can raise money for their MS charities on their extreme 3,000 mile row.

They’re salty, scruffy, bearded and exhausted, but they want you to ask them anything so they can raise money for their MS charities on their extreme 3,000 mile row.

Atlantic Discovery not-so-fresh from the sea

Heard of Reddit*? aka the front page of the internet?

I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t familiar with the workings of the sixth most visited website in the world, until Atlantic Discovery asked me to organise an AMA** (ask-me-anything) from a rather unusual location.

Straight off I asked my friend Google if anyone had attempted an AMA from an ocean rowing boat while on a 3,000 mile extreme row, and I couldn’t seem to find anything…but that figures - my boys love thinking out of the, erm boat!

If this catches on, it would be a fantastic way to create awareness of MS and even boost our fundraising. Fingers crossed.

So, when is it?

Monday 14 January 2019 from 14:00 GMT (10:00 AST) for up to 4 hours. We are accepting questions in advance to try and make it easier for the team, and you can ask questions during the session. We will try and answer as many of your questions as possible during the AMA on Monday.

How do you ask your questions?

via Reddit You need to be a member of the Reddit community. Create your account at and then click on this link - it’ll take you straight to the session. You’ll also find the link on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Once you are in the AMA session, just write your question in the comments box and click on “comment”.

via Twitter #AskADAnything You need a twitter account and then just tweet your question to the Atlantic Discovery handle @atlanticdisc18 and include the hashtag #AskADAnything

What should you ask?

Anything! What interests you about rowing an ocean, the food, the sleep, the water, getting on together, nature, sights seen, how they go to the toilet, how they feel, what was hardest, the mental challenge, what made them do it - anything that comes to mind. If your question is specific to one of the team, just write their name (Ben, Cam, Issac or Jack) at the beginning of your message.

How will the team answer the questions?

Two of the team will be on their rowing shift, while two of them answer questions. The answers to your questions will be sent to the land-based reddit-team myself and Jack’s brother George, via an instant messaging platform using a satellite signal. George and I will post the answers - fresh from the Atlantic - on the AMA. Please be patient, in some cases, there may be a bit of a time lapse. Wow. An innovative plan indeed.

Don’t forget to upvote during the AMA

Reddit is run by voting. Upvotes (which are much the same as ‘Likes’) send content to the top of the page - it’s good karma (apparently!).

Looking forward to an interesting, lively session!

*Reddit is a massive community (234 million unique users: February 2018) with different forums or interest groups called subreddits. They are identified with /r/ and then the subject, for example,

** An AMA is a live Q&A session where interested users are invited to ask, well…anything! Bill Gates and Barak Obama have hosted AMAs, but you don’t need to be famous, just interesting! AMA sessions are held in the subreddit

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