Getting Ready


It's all in the preparation

"When you say yes to rowing the Atlantic, you are saying yes to the unknown, because there is no way you can really prepare for the reality of doing it."  Ben Ajayi-Obe

Assembling a crew - we have been working towards our row for three years and our team has changed shape a couple of times, before finally coming together in May this year.  We are all different, but together have an exceptional combination of skills, experience and personality.  

Our boat - we are rowing Ellida for the race.  She is a Rannoch 45 (2013) and this will be her fifth crossing.  The Rowegians became the fastest European women to cross the Atlantic in Ellida during the 2017/18 race.   She is insured by A-Plan Insurance and all her equipment must be checked and tested to ensure she is race ready.

Training - in addition to our vigorous personal training programmes - physical and mental, we need to learn to row efficiently, understand our boat from front to back and all the equipment on board, learn safety practices, navigation, radio operation, spend time team building and getting as much practical experience on the water as possible.  We need to complete 96 hours of ocean rowing as a minimum before the race start.

Sponsorship - it costs a team of four £100K to do the race.  We've all contributed personal savings, but need to raise the rest through sponsorship and support from our family and friends. 

PR and social media - to give our supporters exposure for their contributions, and fundraise for our nominated charities, we need to tell our story to local press, radio and television and get as much traffic and engagement on our social media platforms as possible.

Fundraising - we are raising money for the Berkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre and Multiple Sclerosis Society.  We have set ourselves a fundraising target of £60K and are committed to achieving it. 

And, this is all on top of our normal lives - our family, work and social commitments!   

 Be part of our story.