World Record Attempt for the Longest Ergometer Row!

This Easter Atlantic Discovery team members, Ben and Isaac will be attempting to try and break the world record for the longest continuous row on an indoor rowing machine in the lightweight (Isaac is a LWT) and heavyweight (Ben is a HWT) categories respectively (there is simply no way to make that sound catchy). With the current LWT and HWT record sitting at 80 hours, Isaac is looking to smash through the 80 hour mark whilst Ben is in favour of taking it to the next level and hitting triple digits to reach 100 hours!!! Let the destroyed hands, ruined bottoms and mind-numbing boredom commence!

So why are we going to be pushing ourselves to the limit like this? Well, in addition to getting a posh bit of paper and our names in lights (OK, on the Concept2 website and Guinness World Records), we are also trying to raise money for 2 fabulous charities – The Multiple Sclerosis Society and The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre.

We have chosen our charities for personal reasons. Ben’s mother Rose was sadly diagnosed with MS in 2002; while Leanne’s cousin lost his battle with mental health when he was just 42. These charities do amazing work supporting not only those affected, but also their loved ones too.

Our first 24 hour continuous row. One of our training sessions on the lead up to this world record attempt! This was taken before the last hour of pain!! We are still staying strong!

Key Information

When is it? 

Easter Bank Holiday 27th March to 2nd April

Where is it being held?

The Gym - 6A, St George Wharf, London, SW8 2LE

Getting there?

Easiest is to take the Victoria Line to Vauxhall station in London where it is approx an 8 min walk away (See map below)