Our Causes

A lesson that my mum has taught me is the power of a loving and supportive community. My mum has been a member of the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre for several years and has benefited greatly from the kindness and friendship that she has found there. The staff are fantastic and always go above and beyond what one could expect from them. For this reason the Atlantic Discovery team have agreed that there is no better charity that we could support that the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre.

One of the hardest things for someone with MS to go through is to find the medication that works for them. There is a variety of possible options thanks to the continued efforts of researchers and doctors. However, many of these treatments come with potentially debilitating side effects. It is almost impossible to tell which treatment will work and which won't, meaning the that the process of discovery is extremely slow and painful. However, it is thanks to the MS Society, for their unending work driving research and awareness that MS is such a thriving area of research. The treatment that has given my mum control back over her life, might not have existed without the efforts of the MS Society. For this reason team Atlantic Discovery could not be prouder to support the MS Society and the research that supports. It is our hope that the money raised in support of this charity will in some small way contribute to finally curing this terrible disease.

Our charity fundraising target is £100,000

We are fundraising using Justgiving! If you wish to donate to our charities click DONATE to reach our fundraising team page where there is the option to choose which charity in specific you wish to donate to.