to cross an ocean

"To me, this row represents a journey at the very extreme edge of possible; an unfiltered, raw experience, which will mean epic personal growth and make me a better person."  Cameron Parker

The world's toughest row will test us on every level.  But we will also witness mother nature's soul food: the passage of the sun, the moon and the stars above us; catch glimpses of wildlife seldom seen; and stand against the weather she sets before us.

physical extremes

2 hours on, 2 hours off - in alternating teams of two, we row for two hours and break for two hours to eat, sleep, and manage maintenance and repairs on the boat, keeping up this cycle for at least a month, possibly up to two. 

Water - we carry a small supply of emergency water, but need to make 4.5 gallons of water per day for cooking and hydration using the solar powered water maker on board.

Food - we each need 6,000 calories per day provided by the 2,400 ration packs carried on board.  These packs weigh in at an incredible 770lbs.  We are also hoping to land a few fish for added protein - hopefully on Christmas Day.

Cramped conditions & physical discomfort - we are four people in limited space, facing extreme temperatures, waves 8 times higher than the boat, and ailments which include constant exhaustion, blistering, salt sores, exposure, sunstroke, cramp, severe muscle fatigue and constipation. 

mental extremes

Strategy and planning - the challenge of routing and interpretation of weather is constant.  Atlantic Discovery is very fortunate to be assisted on the crossing via satellite phone by Leven Brown, one of the most experienced ocean rowing skippers in the world.

Sleep deprivation - such a relentless change to sleep patterns has many health consequences, not least the hallucinations experienced by rowers.

Fear - the elements can be relentless: waves have been recorded up to 40ft, galeforce winds can prevail, and large marine life can capsize, even damage the boat beyond repair.  We will have to dig deep for courage at times to mentally override our instinct for survival.

Disposition - each crew member's character and mindset will be hugely tested as it is essential to remain positive and goal orientated despite the hardships faced every day, doing even the simplest things.   

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