La Gomera to Antigua

This is a challenge like no other. In the early hours of the morning, dozens of small vessels, each carrying a year plus of blood, sweat and tears, will depart from San Sebastian in La Gomera on a trajectory for English Harbour, Antigua almost 3000 miles to the west! Each boat will be focused on the singular aim of reaching their destination before the rest of the competitors. We will face 30 foot waves, hostile weather, giant shipping containers, unpredictable wildlife, sleep deprivation and blisters on blisters.


As a crew we will be tested to the limits of endurance. We will be rowing in 2 hour shifts, meaning that time as we understand it on land will soon fade from our minds as the repetitive routine takes hold. Daylight and moonlight will be our new markers of time.


Among our most important pieces of equipment is our de-salinator, which pumps in sea water and processes it, producing clean drinking water. Then we have a solar panels which will be our sole source of power for all of our electrical devices.


Atlantic Campaigns

AC Vector High Res Final Sep15.JPG

Atlantic Campaigns SL is a Spanish company situated in San Sebastian de La Gomera. After taking over the organising of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in 2012, we have led the race forward to become the safest and most successful ocean rowing race on the planet! Of the last 38 boats to start the race 37 have finished!

The PR, on the water coverage and media visibility has never been better and along with our sponsor, Talisker Whisky, we aim to make sure the race continues to expand world wide.

The team behind the race brings an unparalleled level of support and knowledge with 7 ocean rows, 7 Guinness World Records and a combined total of over 50 years ocean rowing experience which is seen in the unrivalled success of the race.